Corel Draw X7 Keygen Full Crack Download [2021]

Corel Draw X7 Keygen 2021 Crack 

Corel Draw X7 Keygen Full Crack Download [2020]

Corel Draw x7 Crack has been able to maintain a mark of quality as the most effective design tool in the market. The introduction of the CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 crack takes the world of design to a whole new level. To start is the guideline rocker. This feature now makes it possible to modify, add, and manage guidelines. The introduction of the retouch liquid tools feature is also a nice invention. Liquid repels, liquid twirl, liquid smear, and liquid attract being among new effects. It even provides easy access and use of fountain fills, vote, marks, and copy fills you like to favorites. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 has a wide variety of ready content for use. This is in terms of clip art images, objects, text frames, artistic media, photo frames, over 1000 fonts, pattern files, professional templates, and image lists.

Corel Draw X7 Keygen Full Crack Download [2020]

Features Corel Draw X7 Keygen

Lens correction

Photos appearing pinched especially at the center has been a major challenge. This is the pincushion distortion. Some photos also appear to be pushed from the center. The barrel distortions. Now you can solve this by a simple drag of the correct lens to the right or left. Drag to the right fixes pincushion distortion while a left drag helps reduce the barrel. Realigning of the distortion is also easier with the help of a customizable grid.

Advanced Fountain Fill

You now have the ability to exercise a number of fill functions from angle rotation, blend transition, repeat fill and apply transparency. There is also an option to create rectangular or elliptical fills. By a simple click on the dialog box edit fill, you can adjust fills. The dialog box contains the following controls; texture, two-color pattern, bitmap pattern, fountain, vector pattern, uniform and postscript.

Enhanced transparency tool

This new feature has been placed in the object properties. You can apply or adjust transparency to your liking. Go to the in-depth specification of transparency either on fill, object, outline or both. If you have a favorite effect you can save it as a style. This way, you reuse the settings each time.

Outline position

Outline positioning either inside, outside or both on the object is facilitated by the buttons. Placing the outline outside, inside the buttons facilitate the ability to create layouts to specific sizes.

Liquid tools

Corel Draw X7 crack adds 4 exclusive liquid tools that are pressure sensitive. The twirl, repel, attract, and smear. By simply pushing the pixels you create distortion effects. Customization of the brush nib to a specific size and effect amount is also possible. Choose either a pointy smear or a rounded one. The liquid attracts, and liquid repels functions by either pulling or pushing pixels in an image. The brush nib speed can be set to control the movement of the pixels.

QR codes

Create a QR code to your specification, style in terms of text, images, and color. Customization of the QR code is possible by the use of the object properties. Customize the fill type, background color, outline width color, and the shape. You can also add information such as phone number, contact, sms, calendar, event, email address, Geo location, and URL. Even after all this customization, there is a validation feature to ensure the functionality of QR code ability for scanners, QR code readers, and smartphones to analyze.

Camera effects

To improve on visual and photographic style, Corel PHOTOPAINTY introduces new effects. They are as follows; sepia toning, colorize, and broken blur. Broken blur facilitates focusing on a single area. Colorize makes it possible to change and replace colors. The broken blur tools also make it possible to add a text.

System requirements to run CorelDraw suite X7

  • To run the software in a smooth and efficient manner, you need the following specifications;
  • The processor should be Intel Pentium IV to a later version.
  • In terms of RAM size of 512 MB is a requirement.
  • Hard disk memory should be 500 MB.
  • The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 system.
  • The welcome screen

It has been described as the first unique feature and its ease to find features and information. A click on templates has facilitated common tasks. A gallery page with a number of graphics designs will inspire your designs. Product updates, membership, subscription, and video access.

Functions of the bitmaps and vector graphics play

These are the main types of graphics on a computer. Vectors involve curves and lines. They are generated from mathematical descriptions which are responsible for direction, length, and position lines are drawn. Raster images are also known as bitmaps are squares called pixels. Vector graphics are accountable for illustrations and logos while bitmaps produce graduation in color hence supports digital design and photographs.

Drawing view modes

Wireframe – portrays drawing in wireframe state included are blend shapes.

Simple wireframe– This mode only allows essential elements to view. An outline of the drawing and bitmaps shown in the monochrome form. The extrusions, drop shadows, fills, contours, and blend shapes are hidden.

Draft – low resolution fills and bitmaps are displayed. The mode is focused more on the balancing of colors

Normal– Drawings opens after as it does not display poscripts fill and bitmaps in high resolution.

Pixels– Goes into details as you can zoom in to a specific location. You can position and size the objected in this mode.

CorelDraw X7 installation process

1. If your computer is connected to the internet, you will be required to disconnect for a while.
2. The next step is to run the installer named “CorelDRAWGraphicsSuiteX7Installer” first as Trial.
3. After the installation has completed successfully open CorelDraw.
4. Click on the “Help menu” tab go ahead and sign in.
5. After sign in a new window will pop, on the bottom click on “already purchased.”
6. Using  XFORCE  generate your serial. Select offline activation as your preference.
7. You are required to copy the installation code to the “keygen” then you can generate an activation code. Copy it and place in the Corel activation window then click continue.
Finally, the software is already installed and ready. You can now enable your internet connection and enjoy Corel Draw.


The first step is to download the keygen from the provided link below.
On the archive file right click and proceed to click the “extract the CorelDRAW see a file named
“Password.URL” double click it. It may request a password to give access to extraction.

When you click this file, you will be directed to a page CorelDRAW password You are required to copy the password. Later on, paste the password directly to the WinRAR and extract files.

Then double click on the “Keygen” file. Run the keygen in order to start the activation process.

In the provided interface, you will notice a lower menu. Click and carefully select the software edition, name, and version.
By a click on the generate tab, the serial keys will be provided instantly. Copy the serial key. If you have already installed Corel Draw suite X7, you can run it.

If you do not have the CorelDraw, you may first be required to download it.
Upon completion of this process, your Corel Draw x7 Full version is now ready and  CorelDRAW triggered.

You can now enjoy designing with the CorelDraw X7 full

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