Corel DRAW X5 Crack Keygen {32/64 Bit} [2021] Download

Corel DRAW X5 Crack + keygen Free Download [updated]

Graphics designs can now help create animations, web graphics, photo editor, the layout more efficiently with CorelDraw X5. Among the new features is an inbuilt organizer that categorizes images and files. In place is a chance for creativity with templates, flyers, posters, clip art, and free photos. Corel DRAW X5 Crack offers speed in terms of functionalities in print, flash animations, digital designs, color control. The application provides a more enhanced method of learning and web capabilities. The software provides a way to express visual communication. Has file compatibility making it easy to export and import files. Create appealing marketing materials, billboards, web graphics, animation, and car wraps with professional software. The program supports window XP, Vista, vista X 64, Ultimate, home basic, vista home premium, vista business, vista enterprise X64 and Windows 2000 among many others.

Features of Corel DRAW X5 keygen 2021


It is compatible with various file formats such as JPG, PDF, DOCX, PSD, AI, EPS, PNG, and TIFF. It’s easier to share your creations.

Content organizer

Synchronization in the Corel photo-paint and CorelDraw is done to ensure instant access to files. Content organizer speeds up locating images, fonts, graphics, and templates.

Hints Docker

It’s a user-friendly feature especially to new users it’s just incredible offering a fast way of learning. It guides how to perform tasks with a step by step procedure.

Corel photo paint

Gives you control of your artistic images in terms of effects.  Corel photo paint X5 support over 300 types of raw photos. Edit your photo with Grayscale and vibrancy effects. Filters are preserved when using Adobe Photoshop CS 4 file type in importing or exporting PSP files.

Enhanced web graphics quality

A dialog box is available for comparison of file formats and optimization until you achieve the finest quality. This is also supported by the pixels mode displaying the exact appearance of content online. You can edit, text, draw shapes, and moving images with the SWiSH miniMax 2.

Table Tool

It provides a structured layout pattern for both text and graphics.

Concept share CorelDRAW

Getting feedback on your work is a way of learning. The concept share provides an online platform to share your projects and get opinions. You can also review other designers’ projects. Clients are also able to collaborate with designers.

Color Management system

It provides a more accurate way to distinguish color and ensure accuracy. PANTONE is available that supports color profiles. Create a distinct color from every document.

Flexibility in Media Export

After making designs, you need to export the content, especially for printing projects such as digital signs, T-shirts, and billboards. Transfers of brochures, web banners, websites, print ads export are also supported.

Supporting Application in CorelDraw X5 Crack

Bitstream Font Navigator- The font manager gives you the ability to install, find, preview, and manage fonts. The bitstream won an award for the best font navigator for windows.

Duplexing Wizard- Facilitate printing by optimizing documents into two-sided.

Barcode Wizard- Helps in bar codes generation by use of standard formats.

Photozoom pro- This is a plugin whose function is to facilitate the enlarging of images and transfers.

SWiSH miniMax- The utility facilitates the creation of the finest quality of banners, animations, and digital signs.

Can CorelDraw connect with content from other sources?

This is possible primarily because of the Corel connect utility. Search for a compliment either in digital content, local network, computer or storage device. There is a tray to keep your content synchronized.

System requirements

Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

1GB recommended RAM

1GB hard disk space for installation.

I have recommended AMD Athlon ’64 or AMD Opteron’ and Intel “Pentium” 4.

Supports Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.


Several new contents from templates professional designer is 350, 1000 different open Type fonts, 2000 type of vehicle templates. Included in the fonts is the WGL4 (Window Glyph List 4) fonts 75 in number. Digital images and clipart increased to 10,000.

Tools in Corel Draw X5 keygen

Drawing tool

Enhanced drawing tools such as scalable arrowheads, B-Spine tool, Dimension tool, Segment dimension tool, connector, an object. The b-spline tool facilitates ease in drawing curves eliminated nodes as opposed to freehand.

Mesh Fill tool

This tool can facilitate color transitions and design color-filled objects. There is a property bar that enhances color richness through color transitions. The objectives are now easier to manipulate since the nodes are fewer. Revealing of patches and individual noted is possible using the transparency per node feature.

Curve tool

Hide the bounding box as well as draw continuously with this tool. You also decide on the amount of space separating joined curves. You can define a radius and chamfer that will be added between segments.


  • First, get a copy of the software by downloading the Corel Draw X5 Free 2019 Crack from links provided below.
  • Click on the downloaded file “Corel Draw Free 2019 Crack” Run the full setup process. Ensure the installation process is successful. While installation is going on when requested to confirm the license contracts accept.
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  • There is an option to use crack for permanent activation.
  • Wait patiently for an effective activation message which will be exhibited on the desktop.
  • Finally, your Corel Draw X5 is successfully registered. Enjoy using the full version.

Corel Draw X5 Activation code Features

  • You will enjoy using the software with enhanced color control and consistency.
  • It is among the most effective and efficient graphics designing software ever. It’s used worldwide.
  • Multi-core processors support with Corel Draw X5 Serial Number is among the big gains.
  • Has enhanced professional templates and a wide range of content to ensure designing is done to the most excellent quality.
  • The user has the extra exclusive ability to generate a significant number of graphics designing limitless to your desire.
  • You will be able to screenshots of your project instantly.

Main Features of Coral Draw X5 Keygen

Boosts the speed performance as well as of consistent control of color.
Has the ability to function virtually on any Microsoft Windows.
A more enhanced album is in place containing; brushes, clip art, bitmaps, photo, fonts, and templates.
Compatibility with various form,  such as TIFF, AutoCAD, CGM, PNG, JPEG, RTF, and many others. It also supports Adobe suite.

A number of enhanced drawing tools. Tools include; Dimension,  Object coordinates tool, and  B – spline included. New fixed view fixtures have been included. Having these tools makes your drawing more accurate.

The photo effect tool provides options like; Greyscale, vibrancy, photo filter, and many others. These features facilitate painting photos.

Since there is a multi-core processor is facilitates color testing.

An option of learning how to use tools is included.  Also, video photo zoom tips are included. It has web capabilities and flashes animations support. Easily create new objects using the  Dialog boxes. Provides supports for application such as photo zoom pro 2. professional, Duplexing wizard, and Bitstream Font Navigator. Enjoy a more professional designing experience with the CorelDRAW suite X5. Also, enjoy the ability to customize your projects as well as share easily across clients and fellow designers.

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